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Цитата группы

"Думаю, что многие бы просто сдались, я боролся с этим как мог, но когда я вернулся и увидел то многое, что творится вокруг меня, то был куда более энергичен и сосредоточен. Вся эта энергия пошла в Iced Earth"

Джон Шаффер

High Water Mark

It was very close, yesterday,
I thought for sure, that they would break
But this attack, that I have planned
A massive strike across open land
In the center they will break
(will they break?)
but plan it well, everything's at stake
we'll hit'em hard, not a silent gun
before the infantry's begun

"Execute it well, we risk everything"
"It's in gods hands now"

"General Lee I must tell you straight
I believe this attack will fail
No 15000 men ever made
Will overtake that ridge today
A mile charge over open ground
With yankee cannon Gunnin' us down"

"We do our duty, we do what we must
And in my plan you will trust"

"Execute is well we risk everything"
"It's in god's hands now"

The rebel cannon break the silence
150 guns make up their cannonade

They must destroy the Union center
Before the infantry
Can launch their grand assault

The Yankees are returning fire
In Washington D.C.
Lincoln feels the earth snake

What happens here this day
The fate of this nation
In the balance it will hang
Consume with the pain
The courage of the blue
The valor of the grey
So very sad but true
Consumed with the pain
The virginians are the chosen
In wait behind the trees on seminary ridge

Longstreet's slow to give the order
The lines emerge, a mile, 15000 men

The charge begins in all it's grandeur
For many of these man
They know it is their last

The slaughetr now ensues
Bodies fall like rain
They valiantly pursue
Yet doomed to remain
At the double quick they charge
The canister rips through them
To the mouth of hell they march
Glory, the only gain

"We're almost there my boys
I've never served with finer
We must push forward boys
And Bayonet the yankee tyrants
To the copse of trees we change
To crush the union center
And when they turn and run
An open road leads us to freedom"

"It's over now we are retreating
I never thought that we'd we beaten
All this blood is on my hands
The thousands dead due to my plan
I am responsible, all of it is my fault
I thought us invincible
Is this god's will after all?
I look across this blood soaked land
All this blood is in my hands
God forgive me, please forgive me
It's all my fault, the blood is on my hands"

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